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Reversal Swingtrading Academy is the only 7 Day Self Paced Academic Program to Give Your Trading Skills a Boost! The Stock Market isn't a Casino; our Swing Trading Academy can help you be the trader you've always wanted to be.

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We are producing successful traders each and every month.

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  • Proper Use of Technical Analysis
  • Your Ideal Trading Style
  • Risk Management, Cash Allocation, Portfolio Diversification
  • Building a Watchlist of Winners & Get in Before the Crowds
  • Precise Entries and Low Risk Averages in Any Market Condition
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Here's the table of contents from our first Academy. we go through 5 phases before you graduate a more successful trader!


After running 12 months worth of Academy's the feedback from our students lead us to packing 7 days worth of 20 lessons, some days you'll have multiple lessons. This keeps you engaged more and allows youth implement what you learned into the market faster.

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